ECW Estate Sales

ECW relies solely on income from estate sales to replenish our coffers so that we can continue to help support the ministries of Grace Church and even outside the church. More information is below as well as listings of upcoming sales.


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Estate Sale Origins

Members of Grace Episcopal Church originated estate sales in Madison more than 50 years ago. Their first sale was for a church member who needed to liquidate her estate and wanted to do so in a tasteful and elegant manner. To this day, Grace Sales are noted for their interesting and diverse items, always presented in a lovely and inviting setting.  

Today, Grace Sales come about not only in estate situations, but in any life transition which necessitates the sale of personal property, including downsizing, moving, and other lifestyle changes. Beyond the handling of large estates, we may also accept individual items if we feel they will add spark and variety to future sales.

Interested in Hosting a Grace Sale?

We usually ask for at least three weeks preparation time to ensure your sale will be as successful as possible. During this time, our volunteers price and display your items attractively throughout your home. Special items are thoroughly researched so that they are properly identified and appropriately priced. Better jewelry is placed under glass and other valuables are placed where they can be closely supervised by sales volunteers. We promote your sales through newspaper advertising, preview photos, information on our website, mailing lists to our regular customers, and signage at strategic traffic spots on the days of the sale. Every aspect of your sale will be carefully organized and executed professionally.

Grace Estate Sales Frequently Asked Questions

The #1 question from our Customers is....
Contact: Susan Kies, Grace Estate Sale Coordinator
Phone: (608) 334-1945

Q: What is the first thing I should do if I am considering having an estate sale?
A: Make a no-obligation call to Susan Kies, our Sale Coordinator. Together, you will decide whether or not an estate sale is a good fit for you and the church. If so, the two of you will establish a mutually convenient time for a short, no-obligation visit.

Q: Should I clean out things before contacting Grace?
A: No, Grace will guide you on this or will do it on your behalf.

Q: What is Grace’s commission?
A: Our commission is 33 1/3% of the sale proceeds.

Q: How will my sale be promoted?
A: In addition to newspaper ads, we post details of our sales and photos of the sale on our website, send notices of the sale to our mailing list of over 400 customers, and post directional signs to attract traffic on the sale dates. If special promotions are appropriate, we will respond accordingly.

Q: Are there any other expenses that come out of my commission?
The only addition expenses are the cost of the newspaper ads which appear on the Sunday
before the sale, then again on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the sale.
These ads attract many estate sale customers. Fortunately, we are eligible for a non-profit insertion rate, and always try to keep the cost to a minimum.

Q: How does Grace set prices?
Our volunteers have considerable expertise in setting prices for antiques and household items. We also research special items and consult experts in specialty areas if needed.

Q: What happens to unsold items?
Although unsold items are usually very minimal, we will follow your wishes on what to do with them. We will provide you with receipts for all items that are donated.

Q: How does Grace use their earned commission?
Grace commissions are used to support the missions of the church and to help fund special projects in the church. Grace  hosts a food pantry and a men’s homeless shelter.

Q: When will I receive my payment?
You will receive a check for your share of the sale proceeds within thirty days of the sale.

Q: What if I have a partial estate or I am just downsizing?
We frequently add consigned items to our sales to make them more diverse and more interesting for our customers. Please contact Susan Kies if you have items you wish to consign.

Q: What days of the week are sales normally held?
Grace sales are normally held on Fridays and Saturdays.

Q: Are credit cards accepted at the sales? Are customers required to pay sales tax?
At the present we do not accept credit cards and customers are not required to pay sales tax.

Q: Does Grace conduct sales outside of the Madison area?
Although we rarely conduct sales outside of the Madison area, we are always happy to meet
with consigners and often are able to work out consignment arrangements for out-of-area sellers.