Fundraising for Grace's Bells

Longtime members of Grace or downtown residents may remember hearing Grace’s bells ring out throughout the day, striking the quarter-hours or chiming out familiar hymn tunes. It has been many years since the mechanism that governed the bells was in full working condition. Now, only a few can be rung manually because of the deterioration of the wiring and the electronics. Fortunately, the tower is structurally sound and the bells themselves are in good condition. Still, it is sad that we are not able to enjoy the beauty of the bells or share their sounds with the wider community.

Grace’s bells are symbols of Grace’s history and the faith and generosity of generations of Grace members. One vendor estimated that the replacement value of the bells is around $500,000. The first nine bells date from 1874. Six were added in 1955 along with an electronic manual keyboard that is installed near the organ. Two more bells were added in 1958 and 1962, and the last six were installed in 1975 and 1976. 

The response to our initial appeal has been enthusiastic. A group of parishioners has pledged $30,000 in hopes that the congregation will step up and contribute an equal amount to make possible a full restoration and upgrade of the bells and technology. So far, an additional amount of approximately $10,000 has been pledged or given. 

If you would like more information on the bells, what the project entails, or have any questions, please email Fr. Jonathan:

If you would like to make a donation or pledge to the Project, please follow the directions in the column to the right.


make a donation or pledge

To make a donation please send your check (with “Bells” in the memo line) to the church or place it in the offering on any Sunday through the end of July.

To make a pledge please send an email with the following information to now through the end of July.

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We thank you!