Terry Gibson
Senior Warden

I have been member of the Grace Church community for over 25 years. I was confirmed as an Episcopalian and my journey in faith took me to different denominations (Methodist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran). My wife Chere and I were married at Grace having both lost our first spouses to cancer. In our blended family we have three children and six grandchildren. I am a retired UW-Madison faculty member. I have twice been a member of the Vestry and formerly served as Chairperson of the Personnel Committee.

Kabura Mukasa
Member, I of III

I have been a Grace Church member for 22 years, in which I have served as a Personnel Committee member, Healing Prayer Team member, Lector, Food Pantry volunteer, and Sunday school teacher. I am a spouse, parent, freelance writer, storyteller and HR professional working for the State of Wisconsin. My education includes a Bachelor’s degree in French Literature & Language, and a Master’s in Industrial Relations – HR Management. Grace Church is the fountain of faith that has sustained my family and helped my husband Roger, and I, raise our three daughters. I now hope to serve as a Grace Church Vestry member.


Geri Nemick
Member, II of III

I’ve been a member of Grace church since 1998 when I moved to Madison. I’m originally from Chicago but have lived in West Virginia and Alabama. For six years after I became a member, I volunteered in the Men’s Shelter breakfasts every month. I’ve been an active supporter of the Foyers Group since 2008. Last year, I participated in the Capital Campaign as member of the Special Events group. Since moving to Wisconsin, I worked as a clinical pharmacist at St. Mary’s Hospital. My last position was as the Antibiotic Stewardship pharmacist. In this role, I designed antibiotic selection treatment flowcharts. This position really suited my skills: I have a strong background in evidence based treatment yet am able to conceptualize patient care in a creative manner. In June, instead of announcing that I was retiring, I said that I was “graduating.” I see this period in my life as graduating or moving into a new creative phase in my life. I would like to get more involved in the dynamic changes that are happening at Grace. With the organizational and developmental skills that I have learned in the workplace, I hope that I can contribute to the leadership at Grace. I would also like to expand my skills by learning from others on the vestry.


Anna Christianson
Member, III of III

When I moved to Madison in 2011, I had been attending an Episcopal church for few years, but I had yet to be received. I didn't know what church I was going to attend, but I happened to walk through these particular red doors for Easter Vigil. Grace's beautiful liturgy and music, along with the warm and welcoming people, let me know that I had found my new community. I'm an aunt to four wonderful kids (two of which are also my godchildren) that I visit as often as possible. For the past three years, I've been working in quality assurance at Epic. Around church, you may recognize me from my work as a lector or from participating in the Young Adult group. As a member of Grace, I've found a place where I can develop my faith as something that engages with the wider community, not something that's tucked away from the realities of the world. We're in the center of Madison and I think we work hard to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come along with that. I'm proud to be a member of Grace Church, and I'm excited to see how we develop in the years to come.

Wolfgang Werk
Junior Warden

My family and I have been members at Grace since 1984 and have been involved in many functions and committees over the years. I was on the Vestry in the 1990’s and have been on the Building and Grounds Committee for 20+ years because of my background as a painting contractor. My hobbies are cooking and gardening therefore I have cooked many meals at Grace.


Jarrod Irwin
Member, I of III

I began attending Grace shortly after moving here from Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2014. I was confirmed at Grace in April 2015 and began singing in the choir that fall. Over the last two years, I've also been involved in foyers and parish work days during our renovations.

Paula Bloodsaw
Member, I of III

I began attending Episcopal Bible School and Sunday Service as a child, when I spent my summers with my aunt and her family. I became a member of Grace Episcopal Church on November 1, 2015. What I know is that my grandmother, the mother of my mother, raised me and my brother in a loving and caring home. The reason why I speak of my grandmother is that knowing about who raised me, you would know me. At any time of the day, other than times that she was in the kitchen cooking and baking for us from scratch—a quality I did not pick-up, a Bible was near her reach. She was not vocal about her faith, but she did talk about the scriptures with her sisters and some others from the town where she was from. You did not hear her talk about faith, she lived in faith. She was the vessel for the life of faith to me. Later, my brother and his partner continued as a vessel for the life of faith for me. I have lived in faith all my life — it’s all I know. I moved to Madison on October 31, 2006. I have a background in accounting. I enjoy bicycling and classical music.

Greg Rodgers
Member, III of III

I have been a member of the Grace Church community for about 5 years. I was confirmed as an Episcopalian prior to my wife Jan and I being married over 35 years ago. Our journey has taken us from St. Louis, to Chicago, and finally to Madison. We have been blessed with two children, now married, and one grandson. My hobbies are gardening, travel, cooking, photography and (poor) golf. I spent my 40+ year career in the medical diagnostic community, in charge of manufacturing and operations, as well as designing and building facilities for a number of companies, large and small. Since joining Grace, I have had the privilege of being part of the team in the Food Pantry, helping the MPSC with small tasks during the renovation, and most recently, organizing the Garden Committee as we rebuild the grounds surrounding Grace Church.

David Lyon
Member, II of III

My wife, Kathy, and I chose to make Madison our retirement home and moved here in March 2014. This allowed us to be close to our son Jeremy, a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, and his wife Briony. Jeremy and Bree were recently married by Father Jonathan. Kathy is a medical social worker and I am retired from hospital administration.
Kathy and I joined Grace Episcopal Church in the fall of 2014. We were attracted to Grace Episcopal because of the liturgy and music. Prior to that, we had been active in the life of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas since 2001. I served on the Vestry at St. Bartholomew’s from 2003 through 2005. I was then appointed to serve as Treasurer for the church, holding that position until 2013. The Vestry appointed me as a Delegate to the Arkansas Diocesan Convention in 2007, 2010 and 2013.
During our time in Fort Smith we were both very active in the Adult Education Programs for the Church. I led an Adult Sunday School discussion group for eight years focused on our Lectionary readings for each Sunday. We used material provided by The Bible Workbench. I would like to see such a Sunday discussion group at Grace Episcopal.

Jessica Jones-Coggins
Member, II of III

I was born during a California heatwave and was promptly swaddled in wool. I survived and grew up attending a large Presbyterian church where, in junior high, I attended a group called Maranatha, studied for my confirmation, was confirmed and sang in the choir. I went on summer choir tours. My British grandparents were Anglican but I didn’t know much about that until later. I spent 14 years in a small town called Moscow, ID and then in 2002 I arrived in Stevens Point, WI and went to UWSP to complete a Master’s in Human and Community Resources. My colleagues brought fried cheese curds to our graduate seminars and it is likely I ate my first brat. The winters were cold and I got frostbite on my face. I received a merit scholarship and there was a picture of me with said frostbitten face on the wall of the department for a year. While in Stevens Point I interviewed women in the Hmong community about their textiles and the change in their form since leaving Laos. I have lived in Madison since 2004 and taught Cultural Anthropology classes at Madison College for 10 years. I have been known to show cat videos in class. I am a lover of art, textiles, books (Scandi-Noir and others) and cats, not necessarily in that order. In 2013, I wandered into Grace Episcopal and have never left. Currently I am a lector and serve on the altar guild. I do not sing in the choir and for good reason (voice not so great these days). Grace is a special place. I am honored to serve on vestry and look forward so much to the coming changes and growth at Grace Episcopal.

Sue Byram
Member, III of III

I am a cradle Anglican, growing up in Toronto, and came back to my roots at Grace Church approximately ten years ago. I was attracted to the congregation’s warmth and spirituality, social outreach, and historical significance of Grace Church, and want to give back. My father exemplified service to the church over his lifetime, and I would love to follow in his footsteps. Currently I am on Abbey Webster’s team of ushers and am an occasional lector, ECW estate sale volunteer, and coffee hour provider shared with Ann Kruger. The travel schedule with my company Bruker, in scientific instrumentation, has been very demanding but is now winding down and I could increase my time commitment to Grace. I am an organizer and problem solver, and try to reach consensus. My degrees are in Chemistry, and I love numbers. I ran a small business which was later absorbed into Bruker, and currently handle the finances for my husband’s business. Aicardo and I live in Madison, with our extended family close by.