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Creating a More Just Community

In response to the “Race to Equity” report produced by the Wisconsin Council for Children and Families, the many shootings by police of unarmed African-Americans across the country, and statewide mass incarceration, the Creating a More Just Community working group emerged at Grace Episcopal Church in 2015.

The group’s first efforts involved the organization of a series of lectures held at Grace that same year and the development of partnerships with Madison Jail Ministry and MOSES.

A number of the group’s members participated in recent advocacy days organized by WISDOM, the Wisconsin Council of Churches, and other local and statewide organizations.

As we reflected on our experiences at those days, we began to wonder whether Grace might be a place where ongoing engagement with legislators and legislative staff around issues of faith, values, and justice might occur.

This summer, we have begun to explore whether such engagement is possible and what successful engagement might look like. Our initial conversations have included Peter Bakken (Coordinator for Public Policy of Wisconsin Council of Churches) and David Liners, Executive Director of WISDOM.

Both were excited by our interest, offered a number of ideas for us to pursue, and encouraged us to continue the conversation.

Conversations about Racism

On January 20, 2019, the first of four lunchtime conversations about racism took place. The program is entitled “When the Diagnosis is Racism” and is intended to invite people across the generations to share their stories about how they were taught racism by their parents, grandparents, and their wider contexts. These lunchtime conversations will continue on February 17, March 17, and April 28. If you are interested in participating, please email togracechurch@gmail.com

If you have ideas or would like to get involved in this effort,
please contact one of the members of the
Creating More Just Community working group:

Mary Ann Cook
Lynn Felhofer
Chere Gibson
Jonathan Grieser
Kathy Harker
Francine Hartman
Jane Henning
Eileen Hocker
Ann Hodges
Lynn McDonald
Carol Smith
Susan Webster