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John Wood
Senior Warden

I am thankful for this opportunity to serve Grace Church, in the capacity for which I have been nominated, as senior warden. My background of service at Grace includes being an Acolyte, a Eucharistic Minister and Usher at the early service, volunteering at the Food Pantry (long ago, with my young children), serving on building and grounds, vestry member, junior warden, and senior warden (2014, 2015). My family was drawn to Grace Church on arrival to Madison in autumn of 1978. My father enjoyed the early service, and my mother, like so many, and was drawn to the music program. I have definitely followed in my father’s footsteps and will be found most Sundays at the early service. Some Sundays, I stay just a bit longer to catch the choir warming up. Beautiful! The feeling of community at Grace is powerful, and is the greatest reason for my willingness to volunteer my time. Not only are we caring for one another in service and ministry, we also open our doors to a broader community that surrounds us, both near and far. I am inspired by your examples of passion, leadership, kindness and generosity. To that end, I gladly lend a hand in service.


Tom Felhofer
Member, I of III

My wife, Lynn and I, found Grace Church in 2012 shortly after moving to Madison. Grace gave me the opportunity to volunteer, and get to know Lorraine, in the food pantry. Currently I serve as an usher and on the finance committee. I help out on the 1st Monday meal when I can. You might see me at either the 8:00 or 10:00 service. For me it's a choice between a quiet 30 minute walk to Grace or listening to the choir at 10:00. It's all good. Getting to know the people of Grace is a joy. Serving Grace as a vestry member would allow me to share my talents with people I enjoy being with. Lynn and I have raised two boys, Simon and Aaron, Catholic, as we were both raised. Making the transition from Catholicism has helped my faith. Somethings still don't make sense to me, but at least the role of women is clarified. I have been a self-employed CPA since 1995. Work: employees, clients and tax changes, keep me quite busy throughout the year. Reading, exercising, such as biking or running, going to plays and traveling to snowy or foreign places are a few of my down time enjoyments.

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Sarah Messer
Member, II of III

I grew up in a Baptist church, attended a Jesuit university for my undergraduate degree, and spent a few years extremely confused about what denomination I should join as an adult. I found a faith home in August 2014 at Grace, where I found myself not only welcomed at coffee hour my first week but also immediately recruited to the choir. I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church the following spring. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you over the past few years through the music program, foyers, and Women’s Mini Week. I am excited about the opportunity to encounter the church in a new way and from a different perspective through serving on the vestry. Outside of church and my job with the state, my hobbies include reading, sewing and knitting projects, and airing my deeply held opinions about Star Wars.

Kabura Mukasa
Member, III of III

I have been a Grace Church member for 22 years, in which I have served as a Personnel Committee member, Healing Prayer Team member, Lector, Food Pantry volunteer, and Sunday school teacher. I am a spouse, parent, freelance writer, storyteller and HR professional working for the State of Wisconsin. My education includes a Bachelor’s degree in French Literature & Language, and a Master’s in Industrial Relations – HR Management. Grace Church is the fountain of faith that has sustained my family and helped my husband Roger, and I, raise our three daughters. I now hope to serve as a Grace Church Vestry member.

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Greg Rodgers
Junior Warden

I have been a member of the Grace Church community for over 7 years. I was confirmed in the Episcopal faith in St. Louis prior to marrying my wife Jan almost 39 years ago. Our life journey has taken us from St. Louis to Chicago, and finally to Madison. We have been blessed with two children, now married, and two grandchildren. I enjoy gardening, travel, cooking, photography, and swatting a golf ball. I have spent over 40 years working in the medical diagnostic and biotech industries, managing manufacturing and operations, as well as designing and building facilities for a number of companies. I am currently working as Sr. Facilities Manager at Lucigen here in Madison. I currently have the privilege of serving as Jr. Warden, being a member of the Master Plan Steering Committee, a member of the Building and Grounds Committee, and guiding the Garden Committee as we continue to enhance the grounds around Grace Church.


Ron Geason
Member, I of III

God is clearly pulling me to seek a leadership position on the vestry. My faith is the touchstone of my being and this decision seems like a natural step along my path. I grew up as a Missouri Synod Lutheran in Wisconsin and managed to survive four years of Saturday catechism classes as a youth. I have always been drawn to churches that reflect strong preaching of the Gospel, beautiful music, close church relationships, and a healthy focus on outreach and service, especially to the poor and disenfranchised. Grace has all of these in abundance. I have been attending Grace since 2011 after a return from the Pacific Northwest. My professional background is public administration and finance, and I have worked primarily in higher education. Joyful experiences along the way include: trying to be a good father, recent service in the Peace Corps, work with the Haiti Project, volunteering with the United Way, sustainable develop work in Nicaragua, helping with First Monday Meals, and working with various food banks and environmental groups. My hobbies are reading, cooking, fly-fishing and tying, biking, tennis, yoga, community gardening, and dieting.

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Jane Hamblen
Member, II of III

I grew up in a small town in Texas and was raised as a Methodist. In high school, I was hired as the organist for the small Episcopal Church in our town. The beauty of the liturgy led me to the Episcopal Church as an adult. After I moved to Madison in 1995, I attended St. Andrew’s and was a member of the Altar Guild, the Vestry and various committees over the years. My husband, Rob Lemanske, and I have attended Grace regularly for about two years and are very happy that Grace is our church home. Rob is an usher at Grace. Professionally, I practiced law for 40 years, for 20 years in New York City and for 20 years for the State of Wisconsin. I retired as General Counsel of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board in 2015.

John Johnson.jpg

John Johnson
Member, III of III

John Johnson directs the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Literacy and Mathematics Department. Prior to taking his current position, he served for thirteen years as Communications Director in the Office of the State Superintendent at the Department of Public Instruction. Married to Carole Trone, they have three daughters: Maggie is in her second year of graduate school at the Universite de Strasbourg having graduated from Smith College. Clare is in her fourth year at Macalester College. And, Lizzie is in the 11 th grade at East High School. They live in the Tenney Park neighborhood of Madison where he is a member of the neighborhood association, and served a term as the President of the Lapham-Marquette Parent Teacher Group. He was elected to and previously served on the Grace Church Vestry. He also serves on the board of Grace Presents.

Pat Pollock.jpg

Pat Pollock
Member, II of III

Pat Pollock has been a member at Grace since 1991. He was raised Roman Catholic in Virginia, moved to Madison to attend UW, and didn't want to leave. He met and married Joyce, has a son named Matthew, a daughter-in-law named Emily, and is a retired Inventory Manager at Webcrafters. He has previously served on Vestry, as Clerk thereof, as Warden, as Treasurer, and Diocesan Representative. He also formerly served as Convocation President, and on Diocesan Executive Council. He is currently an Acolyte and reader at the eight o'clock service, a member of the Altar Guild and Building and Grounds Committee, and volunteers at the reception desk weekly.


Deb Anken-Dyer
Member, I of III

I found my spiritual home at Grace Church in 2002, following many diverse religious experiences. Growing up in Rome, NY, I attended Trinity United Church of Christ, a liberal-leaning Protestant denomination. However, my mother is Catholic, so I also grew up knowing and cherishing Catholic liturgical traditions. During high school I had the privilege of living for a summer as an exchange student with an observant Muslim family in Iran and during my adult life here in Madison, I have many Jewish and Unitarian friends. So, why Grace? Following a sabbatical year in England in 1999-2000, where we attended an Anglican Church in Oxford, we returned to Madison and began to search for a new church home. I was initially drawn to Grace because of the building itself: the rich, warm wood in the chancel reminded me of the lovely church I attended growing up and the brick red tile on the floor in the sanctuary is the same as the red tile in the sunroom of my childhood home. Music is also central to my life, and the choir’s and organist’s beautiful sacred music touched my soul. More important, the philosophy and liturgy seemed the perfect marriage of my religious upbringing and my past religious experiences. Yet what keeps me coming back is the friendly community of people at Grace Church and the Church’s commitment to thoughtful inquiry and social justice. Over the years, I have been a choir member, served as a lector and Eucharistic minister, and as a board member on the Grace Foundation Board. After a 40-year career in law and education devoted to families and children, I recently retired from DPI where I was a statewide literacy consultant for children who are deaf/hard of hearing/deaf-blind. With additional time now, it would be my privilege and honor to serve as a vestry member to continue the traditions of Grace Church and to help chart its future.


Paula Bloodsaw
Member, III of III

I began attending Episcopal Bible School and Sunday Service as a child, when I spent my summers with my aunt and her family. I became a member of Grace Episcopal Church on November 1, 2015. What I know is that my grandmother, the mother of my mother, raised me and my brother in a loving and caring home. The reason why I speak of my grandmother is that knowing about who raised me, you would know me. At any time of the day, other than times that she was in the kitchen cooking and baking for us from scratch—a quality I did not pick-up, a Bible was near her reach. She was not vocal about her faith, but she did talk about the scriptures with her sisters and some others from the town where she was from. You did not hear her talk about faith, she lived in faith. She was the vessel for the life of faith to me. Later, my brother and his partner continued as a vessel for the life of faith for me. I have lived in faith all my life—it’s all I know. I moved to Madison on October 31, 2006. I have a background in accounting. I enjoy bicycling and classical music.